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shamAbout Our Mini Manchas
Mini Manchas are members of a relatively new breed that is the result of breeding Nigerian Dwarfs to full size La Manchas. They were developed for use as family milkers and in response to soaring feed costs. Mini Manchas have the feed to milk ratios of the Nigerians with the will to milk of the La Manchas. fathersonThe milk also has a higher butter fat content. It is creamy and delicious and my human 'kids' love it! The higher butter fat is excellent for making cheese as well. My Mini Manchas eat approximately 1/3 to 1/2 the amount of a full size animal.
Goats are herd animals and like chips; you can't have just one. Two Mini Mancha does can be kept in the same space as one full size doe. Since some minis are aseasonal breeders (thanks to the Nigerians) you can stagger the breedings so you will always have a steady supply of milk. They are a cinch to transport and are easy to handle for children and elderly alike. If you think size isn't important, just ask anyone who has had to handle a 175+ lb buck in rut! Even the best mannered buck can "lose his head" with a doe around. All of our does and bucks are registered with either TMGR(Minis) or ADGA(Standards).
What We Feed Our Goats
Our milk does receive free choice browse, grass hay, alfalfa hay, and 16% grain when they are producing milk. Our bucks and kids receive free choice browse, grass hay and limited alfalfa. All of our goats are given herbal dewormer and rumen support once a week. All goats are given free choice protein block, salt and minerals.



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